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Willamette River Fishing Report 03-02-2016

 03/02/2016   2016 Willamette River Fishing Report:   The Willamette conditions have settled down nicely over the past week as flows have dropped and the water cleared, resulting in much improved fishing conditions as anglers ramp up for the springer season….
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Willamette River Fishing Report 01-12-2016

 01/12/2016     2016 Willamette River Fishing Report:   Some welcome relief for Oregon salmon fishing guides and Willamette River anglers has finally arrived as conditions have improved greatly in the past few days with flows and turbidity looking much better….
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Willamette River Fishing Report 01-01-2014

  01/01/2014   2014 Willamette River Fishing Report:   The Willamette river from Hwy 20 bridge located at Albany upstream to Hwy 99 bridge at Harrisburg and tributaries except for the Calapooia system. (See listings for the Marys, Long Tom, Frazier…
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