Willamette River Fishing Report 01-12-2016




2016 Willamette River Fishing Report:


Some welcome relief for Oregon salmon fishing guides and Willamette River anglers has finally arrived as conditions have improved greatly in the past few days with flows and turbidity looking much better. The river will continue this gradual improvement since the weather forecast is giving us a break from any real significant storms into the weekend, meaning passage of winter steelhead at Willamette Falls should improve greatly.

Steelhead crossings are showing improvement, with daily numbers moving into double digits. 240 winters moving above the falls since Jan. 1. The coho run is about over while the winter steelhead run is just getting going due to the high water just experienced.

USGS hydrological data for the Willamette River on January 4 shows flows down considerably at 21,500 cfs, the water temperature near 41°, and visibility improved at 3.2 feet.


This concludes our 2016 Willamette River Fishing Report.


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